Chapter 2. Tir na nOg

Maya hi res

The walls of Tir na nOg were decorated with beer advertisements and street signs stolen away from Ireland and hung in Trenton, New Jersey. It was a small Irish pub of the type its patrons wanted—crowded, friendly, smelling vaguely of oak and Guinness, Irish songs playing faintly over the thud of darts.


Three women sat drinking when Billy Kopek worked up the nerve to approach them. Jess Foley was a bombshell, the sort of woman that radiated fun, the sort of woman that serious people didn’t take seriously. Maya Hill glowered over her stout and saw Billy before her two friends did. She tracked his approach with venomous ice blue eyes. Nikki Turner had one hand on Maya’s knee under the table and another on a Smithwicks from the tap.


Billy sauntered up, playing the part for his friends. “Can I buy you a drink?”“Yes,” said Jess. “No,” said Maya.


Billy ignored Maya and smiled at Jess, “Good thing I brought my library card, because I have been checking you out.”


The three women paused, stunned for a moment. Then Maya let out a snort of derision.


Jess’ smile was still bright but her eyes now had saddened. “Oh, no. I’m sorry. That was terrible.”


Maya, interrupting Jess, said, “A library card? Let me get this straight. She’s the sort of woman you take home and return when you are done with her?”


Billy, sensing trouble, stammered, “No, what I meant was….”


“I like being hit on,” said Jess, “but you have to put in some effort.”


“Uh…how about I buy you all a drink?” said Billy, trying to salvage the sinking ship.


Maya stood up with a sharpness, slipping a fork into her left hand. “OK. That’s it. If you don’t leave, I am going to melon ball your eyes.”


Billy hesitated and then he retreated, to the amusement of his friends.


 (c) copyright 2016, Eric Maywar

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