Chapter 3. Tir na nOg

Jess 21a

As Maya Hill sat back down in her seat at Tir na nOg, Nikki touched her arm tenderly. “That was a little over the top, I think.”


Maya slumped behind her Guinness. “I’m sorry. Work has been a little stressful. I have a project in the field right now and I am waiting for the results.”


“Computer work is not supposed to be that stressful,” said Jess. “It’s not like you’re a surgeon and somebody is going to die if you screw up.”


Maya stared into her drink.


“You need a new job,” declared Jess.


“Tell me about it,” mumbled Maya.


The three women sat in silence.


Nikki turned to Jess. “That guy who hit on you. Does that happen to you all the time?”


“It’s a blessing and a curse,” said Jess.


“That was the worst pick up line ever,” said Nikki.


“I guess it’s better than ‘Does this smell like chloroform?’” said Maya.


Nikki smiled. “Maya and I were in a straight bar and a guy came up and said ‘Well, it’s three am. I’m drunk, and there are only three of us still standing. So it’s either you or her.’”


“Classy,” said Jess.


“I can’t believe we are sitting here with you, getting hit on by skeezers, waiting for your call from a married man,” said Maya with disgust visible on her face.


“Of course I have to wait. Sheesh. It’s not like I can go over to his house and pick him up.”


Maya rolled her eyes. “If you had a brain, you’d be unstoppable.”


“Have you seen this outfit? I am unstoppable!”


“What Maya is trying to say is, ‘How can it be true love if you’re the girl on the side?’ Nikki said.


“I know what she’s saying. I know how it is. This sucks. I love a married man. And –no matter what Maya thinks—he loves me. But he loves his wife too. And he’s never going to leave her.”


“So? Why are we waiting for him?” asked Maya.


“The sentence begins and ends with we love each other. You don’t mess with love.”


“Men,” retorted Maya. “That’s who you shouldn’t mess with.”


“There is no way this ends well,” said Nikki.


“I know,” said Jess. “Don’t you think I know? Let me just be in love for now.”


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