Chapter 1. North of Sweetgrass


It was night. The long empty road in Alberta headed south to Sweetgrass, Montana. The trees on either side of the road were so tall that they stretched up into the night sky and got lost. The road was silent one moment, and the next moment the black SUV cut smoothly through the crisp October air. Then, the road was silent again.


Natanya Kipketer was driving. She was the one who liked a bit of conversation, but it was her boss, Lito Avila, who talked into a satellite phone. “Vehicle One is currently laying back two miles behind the subject. Vehicle Two is with the subject. We have confirmed that these are the men we are looking for. Permission to proceed.”


A voice on the satellite phone replied, “Permission given. They are not to reach the border.”


Lito said, “Understood. Out.”


They drive in silence for a while.


Natanya broke the silence. “The information Maya came up with was right. How she comes up with this stuff, I don’t know.”


“That’s what she does,” said Lito. “This is what we do. You had better speed up. We need to get ahead of that truck. We have some prep work to do.”


Natanya sped up, passing more quickly the massive trees standing silently in the dark. “That’s it then. Good-bye, assholes.”


 (c) copyright 2016, Eric Maywar

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Photograph by Bruce Bentzmann

Eric Maywar