Jack was planning a graceful self-destruction, until destruction came early.  Here is the table of contents for his story.


Chapter 5. Jack’s Fence

Chapter 8: Jack’s Backyard

Chapter 9: Jack’s Backyard

Chapter 11.  Jack’s Backyard

Chapter 14.  Jack’s House

Chapter 16.  Jack’s Kitchen

Chapter 17.  Jack’s House

Chapter 18.  Jack’s Backyard

Chapter 20.  Maya’s House

Chapter 21.  Seven Years Later

Chapter 22.  Open Studio Night

Chapter 23.  Open Studio Night

Chapter 24.  Open Studio Night

Chapter 25.  Jack’s Studio

Chapter 26.  The Parking Lot

Chapter 30.  Pictionary at Maya’s House

Chapter 31.  Pictionary at Maya’s House

Chapter 33.  The Urban Word 

Chapter 34.  The Urban Word

Chapter 38.  Maya Hill Studioworks

Chapter 41.  In front of Jess’ place

Chapter 42.  Maya Hill Studioworks

Chapter 44.  Cliff Face

Chapter 47.  The Urban Word

Chapter 48.  Settimo Cielo

Chapters 49 and 50.  Maya’s House

Chapter 51.  Jack’s Bedroom

Chapter 53.  Jess’ Kitchen

Chapter 54.  Jack’s House

Chapter 55 and 56.  Maya’s House

Chapters 57, 58 and 59.  Robert Woods Johnson Health Center

Chapter 60.  Inside Lito’s Plane

Chapter 61 and 62.  Charles De Gualle Airport

Chapter 63.  The Jules Verne Restaurant

Chapter 64.  Pont des Arts

Chapter 66.  The Warehouse

Chapter 68.  The Warehouse

Chapter 70, 71 and 72.  The Warehouse

Chapter 74.  The Warehouse

Chapter 75.  The Hospital.


These are all the chapters available currently for Jack. The story will begin to be serially released January 2016.  People who have registered will begin to receive their chapter installments at that time.

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