“This is some cool stuff right here. Eric Maywar is either a genius or a lunatic.  Either way, big, big bravo to this project. Love it.”  “He’s actually forged new literary ground.”

Jeff Edelstein, columnist for the Trentonian.  For his complete review, visit here.

“I have never seen a book like this before.” “This is so cool.” “From what I have read of the sample chapters, I am really excited to read the rest of the story.”

Sybilla Gordon, One More Chapter. For her complete BookTube review, visit here.

“Really cool art and photography and music.” “It sucks you in instantly.” “Obviously I think it’s a really great concept.” “You need to read these seven (free) chapters like pronto.”

Nicole and Marija, Let’s Talk Books.  For their complete BookTube review, visit here.

“This is not like a normal novel….  This idea and this novel is so so cool.”

Kaysia, Kaysia Reads.  For her complete BookTube review, visit here.

“Okay! Phew! What a ride. Reading your novel was a lot of fun. I liked the characters a lot. ”

Mary Galioto, editor of Mercer Me .  For her complete article, visit here.

“I’m intrigued by the character development. I feel like I’m getting to know some very interesting people and I can already sense a variety of potential plot points and interactions ahead of me. I had originally thought the photography might stifle my imagination but it has only served to fuel it, while allowing me to identify the protagonists as living breathing beings. The brevity of the chapters matches my attention span and enables me to enter the stories at will. In a word – fresh!”

John Calu, author of Trenton: a Novel

“What a great idea!”

David White, author of the plays Blood: A Comedy, Slippery as Sin, and White Baby, as well as the novel Fantomas in America.

“I like it…. I wanted to keep reading to find out what was going to happen next, which I think is the best praise a piece of writing could get…. Well done.”

Mary Allen