The author talks about the inspiration for Running Flat

My inspiration for the love story is my wife. (“It better be,” she shouts from the other room.) Often stories of people falling in love focus on obstacles the couple have to overcome: when they first meet they hate each other, or one is black and the other is white and the families put pressure on the couple, or one is a robot and the other is a robot hunter, or she didn’t know that her Nazi-fighting husband was still alive. But that isn’t like my relationship with my wife—we met and fell in love and kept falling in love. I wanted to tell that story.

Often Hollywood tells stories of smart girls who can’t get the guy until she takes off her glasses and everybody sees how gorgeous she is. Blech. I wanted to flip that story on its head and tell a story of a woman who isn’t taken seriously by folks until they realize how smart she really is.

For the inspiration for story of smuggling and revenge, I can’t tell without revealing spoilers! But I can say that I became interested in remittance services, nuclear powered Russian lighthouses and obsessive, smoldering hatred.

The format inspiration unfolded in fits and starts. I was on a friend’s blog which was organized into topic categories. I thought, “how cool would it be if you could sort a novel the way you sort a blog?” This could empower the reader to say “I only want to read the car chases and explosions not the mushy stuff” or “I only want to read the relationship story and skip the action.” Once I was thinking about putting the novel in a blog format, I realized we could deliver it serially. Even later I realized the opportunity to embed videos of music or poetry readings.