Lito Avila has nice abs and the personality of a torpedo.  Here is the table of contents for his story.


Chapter 1. North of Sweetgrass

Chapter 4. North of Sweetgrass

Chapter 7. International Imports

Chapter 18.  Jack’s Backyard

Chapter 19.  Maya’s Basement

Chapter 20.  Maya’s House

Chapter 32.  International Imports (the new offices)

Chapter 35.  Police Sation

Chapter 39.  Airport Wyndham

Chapter 52.  The New Offices of International Imports

Chapter 54.  Jack’s House

Chapters 55 and 56.  Maya’s House

Chapter 67.  Lito’s Hotel Room

Chapter 69.  The Warehouse

Chapter 70, 71 and 72.  The Warehouse

Chapter 74.  The Warehouse

Chapter 75.  The Hospital.


These are all the chapters available currently for Lito. The story will begin to be serially released January 2016.  People who have registered will begin to receive their chapter installments at that time.

Lito 2