Nikki Turner is kind, loyal, tall, and brings cookies.  Here is the table of contents for her story.


Chapter 2. Tir na nOg

Chapter 3. Tir na nOg

Chapter 5. Jack’s Fence

Chapter 6. Maya’s Kitchen

Chapter 8: Jack’s Backyard

Chapter 11.  Jack’s Backyard

Chapter 12.  Maya’s Kitchen

Chapter 14.  Jack’s House

Chapter 16.  Jack’s Kitchen

Chapter 17.  Jack’s House

Chapter 30.  Pictionary at Maya’s House

Chapter 31.  Pictionary at Maya’s House

Chapter 47.  The Urban Word

Chapters 49 and 50.  Maya’s House

Chapters 55 and 56.  Maya’s House


These are all the chapters available currently for Nikki. The story will begin to be serially released January 2016.  People who have registered will begin to receive their chapter installments at that time.